Working out

Weightlifting, body building, exercising, running the list goes on…

What ever you call it does not sound like fun. What if there was something that made working out seem like a game? We all know that exercising can be as blah as the next thing, it can seem like more work than your job.

I bought this little device called a Fitbit Ultra,

it is a tech persons pedometer, it counts your steps through the day, estimates how far you have traveled (by a formula that involves your stride lengths). It makes a game of being active through out the day. So far I am on Day 2 and I have to say I have been encouraged to do more than I normally do when it comes to being active. I have a profile on the Fitbit website, that you can find here. You should see posts daily from Fitbit show up here. Feel free to comment and join in the fun. The fitbit itself does cost around  $100, but the account is free and the site is fun.

Another thing I am using is Nike+ GPS app on my iPhone. The app cost some money, but I have had fun on it, I use it to tell me how far I have run and how many calories I burned while running.

I’ll be posting more later boys and girls.

**A random thing to be happy about:

the hard pop of a racquetball against the court wall

3 thoughts on “Working out

    1. Thank you very much. I write on a variety of things. Working out and products to help maybe a big subject.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

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