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If you know me personally, you know that around nine months ago I discovered while researching solar powered back up battery for my then new iPad2. I found a link for a Kickstarter project called the Lilypad. (get it?) It didn’t take me long to get excited about this project. I wrote this blog on blogger when I backed the project.

Solar power, to power your mobile life

Wow you guys! I have been searching for a solar-powered charger for my phone for about a year now, one that would be easy to carry around, and simple to use, but also I thought it would be nice if it didn’t add to the amount of cables I have to carry around for all my mobile devices. I found a device while I was scouring the internet during one of my late nights staying up.

The LilyPad Case is a fabulous idea, such a great innovation!!! It has so many features. While I haven’t got mine yet, as the cases have not even made it out to the market, I have paid for one, this idea is the best I have heard in a long time. In addition to charging your iPad, you cable your phone to your case, and simultaneously charge your phone as well. Pre-sales will be going on until October 2nd, then they will start contacting those who have placed their order for a case, to see which version and color you would like.

The features promised are extraordinary, by the measure of what I have seen offered by most other cases.

OK, so how many will charge your iPad while it is stationary in the house, office, car, or even sitting outside? My point exactly…what’s more, is the whistle locator, I mean..I don’t know how often I end up texting my textnow phone number trying to find my iPad, it’s almost embarrassing.

It even comes with a stylus, that has little legs for your case hidden in it, it’s all about space, and saving the planet, you will be happy to know that it is made from 80% recycled materials.

Once I get my LilyPad case, I will post another blog to let you all know exactly how spectacular it is. 🙂

The first run of the product was buggy, and errors due to the fact it was hand made, the circuitry was just too small for people’s hands to be able to do the work accurately. The fact that the backers even saw a finished product was amazing! We were effectively beta testers.

The company was asked by Apple to change the name of the Lilypad, there were issues with the use of the word “pad” in the name. The company worked closely with Apple to get their product certified to work with iPad, iPad2 and 3.

Now the Lilypad is known as the Kudo Case and the backers are now getting their new working models of the Kudo Case in the mail. These new cases have been machine made, the work was easily done by machines made to fit in the small spaces. I received mine yesterday, it is going through its initial charge (plugged in to the wall) I will use it the upcoming week to see how long the Kudo Case lasts. I am beyond excited to have received my case. It has been a long time waiting, but worth the wait to see the company grow.

Some of the features have changed. I will go into more detail in an upcoming blog.

Here are some pictures I took as I unpackaged my case and travel bag.

These pictures were taken with my iPhone…I will have more details an upcoming blog.

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and thank you to the soldiers who make our freedom possible.

2 thoughts on “Solar powered

  1. Solar power is very expensive. On a $250, 000 house you could exepct to pay around $100, 000 to have sufficient solar power for basic use. That is a hell of a cost and makes solar power far, far more expensive than mains electricity.And that will only ever serve basic needs. That would not enable the use of air conditioners or other devices that have large power drains. So all houses will still need to be connected to the power grid.Then you need to factor in the battery shed. Solar only generates power for during sunny days. No power at night, no power when it rains. To overcome that a house need to have a huge battery supply to maintain power. That requires a minimum of a shed 1.5m x 3m x 3m. Obviously that is impossible in apartments but even in suburban houses it represents a lot of lost space and it is ugly. As a result solar power devalues a house. So in addition to the $100, 000 it costs to fit a house with solar you need to factor in an extra $20, 000 in lost property values. You are now looking at solar power costing half as much as the house itself.The third big strike against solar power is maintenance. Solar panels need to be kept clean to function. That means that in most cities and many rural areas you need to climb on the roof and clean them at least once a month. That makes them impractical for the elderly, the ill, rental houses and so forth.As for the environmental benefits, they are dubious. Solar panels need a LOT of energy to manufacture. It’s hard to calculate exactly but at the moment solar panels probably only save around 20% more fossil fuel than coal electricity. That isn’t a huge advantage for something so expensive. Added to that solar panels are produced by mining mineral sands. Sand mining is one of the more environmentally destructive mining processes because of the habitats it occurs in. The third environmental strike is that solar panels contain toxic materials. They pose a real disposal problem because they can’t simply be thrown out at a landfill, they need to be processed to remove the toxic chemicals and metals they contain.And that is why few people use solar. It has no economic benefit and any environmental benefits are dubious at best. Solar technology will doubtless continue to improve over time and with increasing use, but right now they are a poor second choice to mains power.

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