Just saying hi

I just wanted to take a minute to say hello to you all. I realized that it’s been quite sometime since I have posted anything for you.
I have 29 days until I fly to Utah, and let me tell you, I am beyond excited to see my friend and her family. I just got off the phone with Mary and her girls. I haven’t seen Mary since last year, or her girls and husband since they moved….almost 2 years ago. It doesn’t seem like that long ago, but then how did I talk to the youngest girl on the phone just now?
I bought new luggage on nomorerack.com, this will be the first long trip this luggage has been on. I may make another page for posts about trips, but will let you know.
I spent last weekend with my boyfriend at my parents house. I had taken my dog, Chico, to the vet on Wednesday. He had a growth that had been bleeding on his foot, he was also due for shots, needed a nail trim, and heart worm prevention. Being the good boxer mom that I am…I took Chico to have his foot looked at and had everything else taken cared while we were there. The vet said…he’s a boxer, it has to come off…of the growth on his foot. That surgery took place on Thursday, he came home with a yellow bandage on his foot. My poor guy has been taped up again

20120619-125844.jpg James came to moms on Friday and we spent the afternoon keeping Chico from licking his foot, and spending time in the pool.
Saturday dad had a tournament to fish, for most of Saturday it was James, my mom, and myself. We went to the store and I bought stuff for dinner tthat night, pork chops, potatoes, and pasta. James cooked, how fun. 🙂 We spent the majority of the afternoon in the pool. We started dinner in time to have it ready not long after dad got home from fishing. After dinner, mom and I went to get desert from Catfish Haven, pie!! Yum!
Sunday we started Father’s Day off with mom and I sending Dad Amazon gift cards for his kindle. We also spent the day cutting up a tree and some limbs that had fallen during a storm a week or so earlier. Dad and mom cut it all up with the chain saw and James and I used the jeep to haul it all to the burn pile. (I was more or less there for moral support as James drove the jeep and threw everything onto the pile). We spent a few more hours in the pool, then it was time to get ready to go to my aunt’s house for dinner, and time for James to go home.
That was a lot of time in the pool….man, did I burn….at least I’m not crispy.
It was a great weekend, I got to spend time with my wonderful boyfriend, my fantastic parents and extended family. I get to do it all again this weekend.


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