2010 Butterfly Exhibit

I went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens last Friday to see the Butterfly Exhibit. I saw some very unique butterflies from all over the world. A friend went with me and we both took photos.

Butterflies are amazing creatures, they are graceful in their movements

and have some of the most vibrant colors! A green one

There were very few with this coloring. This one almost blended in with the leaf on which it rested. Its bright green color reminded me of an emerald, one of my favorite gemstones.



The kids there were enamored with holding them. I saw one group of girls who found a patient one that let them  all hold it. While the kids were trying to catch them, most of the adults were just as excited to see them; myself included.

The butterflies knew they were the stars of the show. One group inparticular caught my interest; they were bright blue. I couldn’t get a shot of one with it’s wings open, this one stared me down for a few minutes allowing me to photograph him and notice that it had bumps on the underside of its wings. A very interesting find.


Last weekend marked the end of the Butterfly Exhibit at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I am looking forward to going next year and seeing more of these beautiful creatures!

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