Old Alton Bridge, Denton Texas

These pictures were taken a few years ago, the post was written at about the same time.

I finally got to go see Old Alton Bridge earlier this week.


This bridge has quite a history, the most well known part of it is the Legend of the Goatman. But something I didn’t know about Old Alton Bridge is that it once connected a town called Alton to Lewisville. This town, Alton, was named the County Seat of Denton County in 1848, but it wasn’t long before residents of Denton County wanted a county seat that was much more centrally located. (Old) Alton Bridge was constructed in 1884 and crosses Hickory Creek.


This single lane bridge was in constant public use until right around 2001 when a new concrete-and-steel bridge was used to to straighten out an awkward turn in (Old) Alton Road.


This bridge was under constant public use for right around 117 years; during the Great Depression, both World Wars, and the Gulf War.  The old through truss architecture is amazing and the red color of the bridge is striking.


Old bridges such as this one are truly remarkable. I am hoping to get a chance to visit some of the other bridges in Denton County that bear resemblance to this bridge.

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