Closer and closer

In just 18 short days, I will be on my way Salt Lake City to see my best friend. She and her family (husband and two daughters) moved from Texas to Utah a couple of years ago. Mary came to Texas last summer, and we spent a ton of time together, it was nice to see her and catch up. I miss her and her family so much. When they were living in Texas, I spent quite a bit of time in Fort Worth visiting them. I was at the hospital (not in the delivery room) when their first daughter was born. I was there when her water broke when she went into labor with her second daughter.

If I remember correctly this makes 2 years since they have moved to Utah. This will be my first plane trip that is not for work. I am so excited for this trip. I rarely take vacations, this one is a long time coming, I for some reason couldn’t go last year (I don’t quite remember why) and it will be good for me to get out of Texas for a bit.

I am hoping to get to have a couple of adventures to post about while I am gone, and have some pictures of landscape and the girls and me. I have been counting down mentally the days until the trip for about two months now.

Anyone have any good sites you think I should see? Post them below, maybe they can be fit in.

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