Getting Married

You read that correctly.
I got engaged last night. I am very excited and very happy about the whole thing. The fact that he asked was not a surprise, as we had been talking about getting married for a month or more.
Last night we had gone out to eat at Babe’s Chicken House in Garland. Good food. After we got back in the car, I leaned my chair back for a nap, on the way to wherever we were headed next. James woke me up at what I thought was just shopping center with a huge fountain. It turns out we were at Rockwall Harbor, yes a shopping center….but it is located on the shore of Lake Ray Hubbard. We walked around and made our way to a waterfall that was letting water from the fountain out into the lake. We tried to talk standing there,but it was entirely too loud to hear what was going on. I asked if we could go sit down on a bench that was over looking the lake.

As we sat there watching the water, and looking at the outline of the clouds that were hiding the sun, James decided he would tie his shoe…and kneeling on one knee did so. Then as he was finishing up, he said he had come up with a cute nickname to call me (it has been an ongoing almost game trying to come up with something cute he could call me). I responded with oh, yea, what is that? With that, he said, wife. He went on to say how happy I made him, and that we I’ll make it through any hard times together. And that if he didn’t ask me to marry him, he would regret it forever. The simple question was, “Laura Chambers, will you marry me”?
My answer: Yes. With that I was presented with most beautiful ring

And it was like the sun came out from behind the clouds to congratulate us

We both made a few phone calls. And I sent a few dozen text messages. We sat and watched the sun finish setting, and went to get some ice cream.

What more could a girl want?

Stay tuned for wedding planning adventures.

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