The Adventure Begins

So now that you all know that I am engaged, can I enlist you to help me? I know some of you read without commenting, even if you just click on the banner above and sign up you are helping me earn points toward potential savings on different items for my wedding. The fun begins when I start looking at ceremony/reception sites. I will hopefully be looking at a few this weekend. I will be taking pictures and video to show to James, maybe we can narrow down a few, and go look again when he is off work.

According to the Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer that I bought yesterday, there are a few things that need to happen in the next 4-3 months:

  • Announce engagement
  • Select a date
  • Determine the type of wedding:location, formality, time of day, number of guests.
  • Determine budget and how expenses will be shared (I stink at budgeting…this should be fun)
  • Coordinate guest lists (working on it, I may be contacting people to help with this…Mom)
  • Should kids be included among the guests….umm yes….
  • Select and reserve ceremony site
  • Select and reserve officiant
  • Select and reserve reception site
  • Select and order gown and head peice
  • Color Scheme-Purple (lavender) and Yellow
  • Note dates of important activities: showers, luncheons, parties, get-togethers…
  • Order Passport,visa, birth certificate…if needed
  • Select Maid of Honor Best Man, bridesmaids, Groomsmen

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

Some of the things listed have been done…some need to be finished, and other need to be started.

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. I really like the dress but know you would search fab in both! I cannot believe all the things in the store are going to be 1/2 off! WOW, wish I lived closer because I like The Limited.

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