Hope the Dog

Stories like the one I found on the local CBS stations website, make me sick. Some sick person taped a dog’s mouth shut with her tongue hanging out. I’m sorry and let me post a small disclaimer, there is a picture in this post that you shouldn’t look at if you are squeamish. See the post here.

The video of the story is here,

CBS 11 has updated the story, saying that Hope is recovering and is receiving donations from overseas.

I am very glad to see that people from ALL OVER THE WORLD are pulling together to support Hope. The picture in the first story of Hope with her tongue all red and gross looking, made my stomach hurt. I don’t know how anyone could even think of doing something like this. I hope the person or persons responsible for this are caught. Pets depend on their people to take care of them and love them. Someone violated a very sacred trust here. Please if you know anyone who knows anything about this please call the Parker County’s Crime Stoppers Hotline 817.599.5555.There is a reward for information leading to the capture of these people, at the last report it was $25,000.

Spread the word. Help Hope. Who knows, maybe you could be her new home. I bet she is one of the best dogs ever.

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