Things to be Happy About

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

icing a cake
beach volleyball
horoscopes portending good
stars at night
your 10 favorite everything
the writer at work
summer jobs
riding horses
small utility bills
via Things to be Happy About.

I stumbled on a book at Barnes and Noble, 1000 Things to be Happy About. I bought it for my Kindle. It lists the small things in life that you should or could be happy about. Often times it’s things taken for granted. Today’s list is a fantastic example.

Stars at night: When I lived in the country with my parents, there were hardly any street lights and you could see millions if not billions of stars at night. Since I moved to the city, I don’t see quite as many starts, thanks to the street lights. I always love being outside at mom and dads looking up at all the stars just twinkling like diamonds.

dancing in the dark

How about small utility bills? I know I love to see those few Texas months were my electric bill isn’t sky-high. (note-living in an apartment and all, my bill is not as high others…so I’m speaking relatively here)

Let me know, what are you happy about today?

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