What a day

Went to bed last night, at midnight, the alarm went off at 5, and I started my day. Got my stuff ready, and got chicos food and things ready for when mom came to get him. The adventure started when the Execucar showed up to take me to the airport. What a service. My driver was very nice, and indulged my asking him questions about his life, and how his business worked.

I arrived at the airport about 2 hours before my flight. Security wasn’t bad, I even went through that scanner they have at DFW. The pose they make you strike….makes me think you could be getting ready to break out in dance. All in all the wait for the plane wasn’t terrible, the flight was great.

The greeting at the terminal entrance was funny, to onlookers, I am sure. There was the typical girl squeal and hugs. then to pick up my luggage, and we were off to Mary’s house to see Alex, and the girls. I had bought the girls a stuffed armadillo and a stuffed longhorn along with t-shirts that say someone in Texas loves me 🙂



They are my girls. I have missed the entire family. Miss Amber told me she missed me, and  then twice at dinner said she loved me….my heart melted. Now, in the car she told to not leave her…..talk about heart breaking….made me sad.

As I type, Mary and I are watching Urban Cowboy on Netflix, working on our blogs. There is a reason we get along so well.

I have missed my girls, my friend, and her husband. It has been nice today being with them. No touristing or sight seeing today…..those adventures start tomorrow. I think it might be time for this girl to go to bed….maybe some internet surfing first.

I hope you had as good a Wednesday as I have.

What are you happy about today?

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