Park City and a Hike

Today, we went to Park City, Utah and walked around a bit.


This is the view from the roof of the parking structure. That Blue sky is just beautiful. One thing I have noticed around here, is that everywhere I look, there are mountains. I could get used to this.


Here are the girls with their daddy. They just adore him.


After Park City, Mary and I wanted to spend a little more time outdoors. We went to Wasatch National Forest, and found a trail to hike.


Here is the trail. We didn’t make it far, since we didn’t have water.


I would hate to have to cross through the water, it was icy cold. Thank goodness for bridges.


Here is the view from back side of the bridge. The purple flowers were just in the perfect spot.


The sound of the water rushing was very peaceful, there is nothing like sounds of the great outdoors. You can’t replace that with anything.


The trees are tall. Do you remember that song, in Pocahontas, Colors of the wind?

I have always loved that song. With the exception of the trail being maintained, once you get away from the road you can see the beauty that this song talks about.


So much green.


The Flora interspersed with the green, was always a welcome sight. So many beautiful colors.


The trail itself is very well maintained. There are quite a few large rocks, so you have to watch your step quite a bit.


Something tells me that would be a long fall.

We had quite a bit of fun. We are going again in the morning. We’ll be better prepared, this time.
I am looking forward to it.

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