What do I want????

There are so many decisions to be made…
I want a cake similar to this. I don’t know what kind of icing it is, but I don’t like fondant, so I want butter-cream icing 🙂

Since I love love orchids, I am going to have orchids (real or not, I don’t know) cascading down like this one. I may have a lavender “ribbon” around the bottom of each layer, or yellow if I get lavender flowers. Maybe 3 instead of 4 layers. Who knows, I love cake maybe 4 will be enough for everyone.

As for the grooms cake, I haven’t a clue what we will do for his cake.

I get a veil for free from the place my dress was bought. They have some FANTASTIC veils on their website. I absolutely cannot wait to go for my first fitting and start talking about veils!!

SHOES!! I love shoes, but oh dear….


or this

Source: zankyou.co.uk via Laura on Pinterest

I have also been searching online for pictures of bouquets, there are so many different kinds, and variations. From the kinds of flowers used, the colors. There are just to many to try to pick 2 or three to post here at the moment.

2 thoughts on “What do I want????

  1. This is all great fun to read about and look at the pictures! So nice to just be all girly and feminine! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing loads more pics and seeing all your choices!! Congratulations on getting married!

    1. Oh, don’t I know it! Thank you soo much for reading! I can’t really post much else until the day of as far as pics of things, I want some of it to be a surprise for my friends and family.

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