Timelines and lists-

Brides (magazine)
Brides (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know there are several “Brides to be” out there. I was one of hundreds at the Dallas Bridal Show. Have you been to all the planning sites, and seen the various documents and information offered up to us?

There is so much information and advice out there that it is almost overwhelming. Here is the thing: it all says the same thing. It just may be said in different ways or in a different order. The timelines are all the same, some are more fleshed out where others are more generic.

James and I bought one of those wedding planner binders. I bet it took us an hour to pick one out. I don’t even remember why picked the one we got. Knowing me, the big pink bag that came with it may have been a winning point. :p I digress. We used the budgeting chart that came in this binder to flesh out a budget using an excel sheet. (OK; I typed, but James told me what to type). The time line included showed me exactly how quick time was going to fly. I’m already at seven and a half months until the big day. That being said: I think I have a lot done, with even more left.

There are guest lists, invitation lists, party lists, who gets what lists, RSVP lists, gift registry lists, vendor lists and this list could go on and on.

I have not been following a particular commercial timeline or list. Instead, I am going by my own timeline. I may be ahead of schedule right now, but come April, I may be scrambling to find some things. I have an appointment to meet with the lady doing the flowers for me next Thursday yep…you guessed it, I have a list to go over with her as well.

I still need to find and reserve my times with a photographer, according to several of the timelines I have that is the only I haven’t done that needs to be done before this month is done. It may wait until next month since this one is just about over.

Between wedding planning and moving, I think the procrastinator in me is feeling a little left out. She may have to get used to it for a while.

What do you think?

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