The Cruisin life…

On December 29, 2012; we flew to New Orleans to meet our cruise ship,DSC_0214
The Navigator of the Seas. What a big beautiful ship! This was my
first cruise, and I was not sure what to expect. I do have to say that
it was a lot of fun. Short of being just across the border into
Mexico, this was my first to be really out of the country. I also got
to meet some of the most friendly people I think I have ever met while
they were working. The people on this Royal Caribbean Cruise really
enjoy their jobs.
We made way Saturday evening from the Port of New Orleans, headed to
Falmouth of Jamaica. We were at sea Sunday and Monday. Being at sea
for the first time, I spent a lot of time swaying back and forth, and
questioning whether or not the whole ship was swaying. Or was it just
Monday night was New Year’s Eve, and the first of 2 formal nights. We
had a great dinner, Royal Caribbean supplied us with noise makers,
necklaces, and hats. James and I were awake at midnight, but we were
not on the Promenade, partying. My feet were hurting from the heels I
was wearing and  I was getting sleepy, so we had already turned in for
the night. We had a shore excursion the next day, so not staying up
late sounded like a good idea.
Tuesday, we arrived at Falmouth Jamaica.
Our port for the day. James, Jeremy, and I had booked a tour of the Good Hope House.
The Good Hope House sits on what used to be a very profitable sugar plantation. I cannot remember much of the history that was recited to me about Good Hope Estate other than it was the first residence to have running water indoors in the Caribbean.
John Tharpe seems to be the most well known owner of the property, as he lived at the estate as an overseer for Colonel Thomas Williams before he became owner of the land. We were shown both drawing rooms, the dining room, the front lawn,
the back lawn, the wheel house,
the Martha Brae River (which used to power the wheel).
Tuesday evening we made way again,
this time on our way to Grand Cayman Island. Grand Cayman was very beautiful.
James and Jeremy went scuba diving, while I went with James’ parents on a drive around the island. It was very neat to get to see the island at our own pace.
That being said, if you are from the United States and are visiting the Cayman Islands, you should know that they follow the traffic laws of Great Britain-the only major thing and there were signs every
where-look right drive on the left.
Gas there is also about 3 dollars more than we pay here per gallon.
On Thursday we arrived at Cozumel, Mexico, where James and I went to
Passion Island and spend the day in the water and on the beach. It was a nice day to ourselves…kind of…with a few dozen other people
sharing the beach as well. I came back to the 2nd formal with a minor
sunburn, my arms and chest were a little on the bright pink side.
Leave it to me to forget the sunblock, that was bought by specific
request for me.
Friday we were at sea all day, it was too windy to be outside on deck
for any long periods of time, as it got late and dark Friday evening,
the wind became cold. We were well on our way to being back in the
real world.
By the time we woke up on Saturday, the ship had already docked in New
Orleans and was waiting approval from authorities to unload
passengers. We ate breakfast, and finished our last minute
packing…and headed to our designated waiting place.
After our number was called we disembarked from home for the week,
ceremoniously letting the crew punch our sea-passes as they checked us
off the boat one last time. We flew back to Dallas, and made it home,
just in time to eat dinner and head to bed to go to work on Sunday.
I miss being on that boat, it was quite fun, and we got spoiled. With
a buffet that is open through breakfast and lunch, and at dinner, we
had wonderful meals. I tried lamb chops, one night, and discovered I
don’t really care to eat lamb. We were able to order as much as we
wanted, and some ordered a lot. I mean who wouldn’t order 2 {or more}
deserts, if it wasn’t going to cost you any more. Our wait staff in
the dining room was wonderful. They managed to keep us happy, (not
that was too difficult in the first place), entertained us, and if we
didn’t like something we ordered, they would bring us something else,
there was no reason to go hungry, that is for sure.
If you ever have a chance to go on a cruise, I urge to give it a try,
it couldn’t hurt to go once.
I sure missed those Caribbean temperatures and waters when I was
scraping the ice off my windshield so get on my to work Sunday
morning. And then I was really back in the real world. 🙂
I leave you with more pictures from the cruise:

A Red Stripe Beer with lunch in Jamaica
Jerk Chicken lunch in Jamaica
The view from the front lawn of the Good Hope House, somewhere deep in those mountains is Cockpit Country.
The Navigator of the Seas looms over the stores on the pier, watching as her passengers return from their activities.
Looking out over the pier, from the eleventh deck as we begin to make way.
One of the views from Cayman Island near Bodden Town.
Taken near Half Moon Bay.
A Blow Hole
Can you see the little Sand Crab?
That’s right, Hell does exist…Hell, Grand Cayman.

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