Greatest Fear_

Today’s Daily Post prompt asks if I was trapped in dark room, with my greatest fear, what would that fear be.

Now, that is the trouble, what is that fear that immobilizes me, wouldn’t that be my greatest fear?

Ah, ha! I know….who remembers the movie A Christmas Story, the one with Mr. Scrooge? Where the ghosts, of Christmas’ past, preset, and future visit him all in one night. No, the thought of any one of those three doesn’t scare me, but the Ghost of Christmas Future, always reminds me of Death, the Grim Reaper.

If I were to find myself in a dark room, with the grim reaper, that would truly be my greatest fear; is he waiting on me, is he here for someone else. If he is here for me, how did I make it on this list, what can I do to get off that list, and get out of this room with this silent, dark, looming, unknown figure.

Here some others Greatest Fears:


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