The adventure continues

As the big day gets closer, it becomes evident that the next 90 days are going to fly by. It would seem that nothing is getting done. I have to assure my self sometimes that we are doing well on time. It’s my first wedding, first marriage. I want it all to go well, without any Bridezilla outbursts, family drama, and the like. I am not prone to being demanding, and I tend to let things bottle up.

We just ordered our toasting glasses and serving set, James asked me what happens to it after the wedding is over. I honestly do not know, but I told him that it gets put up and brought out for special occasions. . . sounds right to me anyway.

The cakes have been ordered, and we took my friend and flower lady to the church so she could see the church and reception hall so she could get a good look at what we were wanting to do. I cannot wait to see everything come together.

We will be ordering invitations this week, and buying the aisle runner, and a few other things.

The plane tickets for the Honeymoon have been bought πŸ™‚ and the hotels booked. πŸ™‚ Hawaii will be so much fun. I can’t wait.

That is all for now. Have a great week everyone!!!

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