Today’s Daily Post asks what part does music play in my life?

Thinking back, I have always had a love for music. I was in Choir from the sixth grade all the until I graduated in 2001. I had many good friends in choir, I also had several friends who were in band.


One of my best friends dad (also our neighbor) loved watching the movie Blues Brothers, we watched every time it was on cable, I have to say that I find myself watching nearly anytime

That being said, I will go back to when I was in school. (Wow, that’s a long trip) I am not sure why I wanted to be in choir, it was just something I wanted to try. I really enjoyed it, I learned how to sight read. I actually credit choir for my improvement in math in middle school. I bounced between soprano, alto, and second soprano. I wish I could still sight read/sing. I think being involved in music helped me with my concentration and the creativity it took to get through school, especially math, let’s face it. Music, whether it is vocal or instrumental is fun, and it also involves math in a way. It saddens me to hear talk of schools cutting funding to music and art programs. I understand that things must be cut so that money can be used in an efficient manner, however; art and music are means of expression, and without a way to truly express who they are school can be miserable place for kids.

Today I carry my music around with me, on my iPad and iPhone, if you were to look at my music library, you would find a somewhat eclectic mixture of genres and artists. Itunes has categorized my music into the following genres: Alternative, Punk, Blues, Gospel, Latin, Contemporary Latin, Country, Folk, Classical, Easy Listening, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap, Holiday, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Reggae  Rock, singer/songwriter, vocal, world, and even one group it has deemed classifiable has music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I grew up listening to Country music, it will always be a favorite.

As I mentioned before, when I was younger; it seemed like we were always watching Blues Brothers. I love Jazz and Blues. In fact, the City of Denton hosts the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival every year, it is the biggest music festival the city hosts each year. It is free, and it is so much fun. I usually spend 3 days camped out in front of the main stage enjoying all the different artists that perform each year. It was at this festival that I was introduced to Brave Combo.

Brave Combo is a Polka group, but not just any Polka, they have made their on genre; Nuclear Polka! If you ever have a chance, I recommend giving Polka a listen.

If you know me well enough, you can tell what kind of mood I’m in by the type of music I am listening to. I think there are many of us like that. Just like a sound track to a movie, I tend to have my own sound track either through my headphones or just in my head.

Here is what music is to a few others:

Ramblins of Jen


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