Ode to a Playground

Today’s Daily Post, prompts us to write as if a place from our past or childhood was destroyed, we are to write it a memorial.

Godwin Park in Whitesboro has been around for quite some time. It has always had all the traditional playground equipment: slides, swings, see-saws, jungle gyms, etc . . . A community project that built a wooden play structure for the youths of town to play on was a great success. While it indeed was the victim of an arson fire a year or so ago, the city still has a picture of the play area on its website, here.

What struck me the most was that someone disrespected the hard work that went into building the play area enough that they saw it fit to set fire to the wooden structure. It’s not only the disrespect involved but the safety of the kids. It makes me wonder if Whitesboro is still the same small town where I went to school, and loved. Was it ever as safe as I thought?

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