What would you do?

Laptop bag
Chico’s medicine bag
Camera bag
Dog food container

Today’s Daily Post asks what five items I would grab if my house were on fire. It’s easy to sit here and think about it, as if I would have the mental capacity to think about what I needed to grab to get out of there as fast as I could.
I have been thinking about this question for quite some time, trying to decide what I would like to take with me assuming that all other people and the animals were out of harms way. My list looks like this:
Laptop bag
Chico’s medicine bag
Camera bag
Dog food container

I know, I know there are a lot of bags on this list. What female do you know who doesn’t have a purse? It maybe cheating here, but there were no rules. My purse contains my phone, iPad, notebooks, ids, checkbook, debit cards, car keys… My laptop bag has of course my laptop, giving access to much of what I do online, as far as banking, and keeping in touch with family and friends…and you dear readers. Chico has an enlarged heart and is on medication for that, what kind of mom would I be if I left his heart meds behind. The camera bag, again has my camera and various lenses. The dogs will need to eat, so I hope someone grabs their food.

I don’t know what the laptop and camera bags actually say about me. But I would be devastated if anything ever happened to my camera, same goes for my laptop.
I know that these objects may not be the things I run for if it ever happens, like I said, this list was after some deliberation, and assuming that everything I need is where it should be.

Here is what some other WordPressers would do:

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  1. You sneaky Laura! (c/o Jimmy Kimmel)
    You managed to get everything anybody would need to even go on holiday LOL! Well played 🙂 I like how you started the post with the 5 things you would take. It made it easier than wading through a tonne of information to get to the point(like I did LOL!)

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