It’s Time to try again

It is time to start working out again, I think that instead of paying for a personal trainer, which always seems to discourage me, I will go back to sticking with what I know. That is the elliptical, which I love, and a few of the weight machines. I won’t bother telling you how much I weigh, but will go so far as to say, I have NEVER in my life weighed this much before.
I joined a gym, online one night in December. I haven’t gone yet. I will be going tomorrow though. It’s time to get healthy.
I plan on writing about my endeavors there as well, looking to hopefully encourage and have a little accountability as well.

As part of my get healthy plan, I am trying to stop drinking sodas. As a major Dr Pepper addict, I have only successfully given up Dr Pepper for 30 days last year. I was quite proud of myself, but the minute I had one drink the DP fast was over. I went all day yesterday with out a soda. I got one this morning, but that is all I am having today, it will be water for the rest of the day.

Have a great day, readers. I look forward to this journey. Who knows maybe the work outs will be a good stress reliever also!

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