Have you ever seen something at the store and saw something that you could really use, but couldn’t find one that you liked, or would go with your style?

It happens to me constantly, but a couple of days ago, while running around Wal-Mart I came across a board that was made to hold, hair clips, head bands, pony tail holders, etc. . . The store only had two different patterns and neither of them really called to me, as it were. I snapped a picture with my phone to show James what I wanted to do, I already had an idea of what to do.


We went to Lowe’s today in search of a nail gun for my new project. Then on to Hobby Lobby for all the fun stuff.

Canvas, ribbon, fun pattern fabric, and drawer pulls.

When we got home, James cut the pulls down so that they would not go through the back side of the canvas.
While he did that, I went and cut off the excess material, and came back outside to staple the material around the canvas.

We bought some Fray Check to keep the material from fraying where the staples when in, I also used it where the Ribbon was cut and got stapled as well.

The corners take practice, I don’t think these look half bad.

I had bought 6 drawer pulls, and drilled 6 holes, 3 on bottom, and 3 on top, for now I only have pulls on the top of the board.

I haven’t found my picturing hanging kit just yet, but here is the board with a few of my things on it.
I think it is just beautiful, and will go with my plans for my dresser.
Let me know what you think.

You can see that it’s quite different from the product at the store, while it functions the same way. I didn’t like the patterns of the fabric, or the plain wooden dowel rods, so I said I can make that prettier. So I did! Yay for being crafty, and for a man who loves Hobby Lobby as much as I do!!


What do you think?

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