Austin bats

My work sent me to Austin for training. It was interesting training, but I won’t bore you with the details of that.

With the many times I’ve been to and through Austin I had never been to see the Congress Ave. bats. I finally got to see the bats! It was so neat to get to see.
Here is a view of the Congress Street Bridge from the park that sit’s between the Austin-American Statesman building and the Congress Avenue Bridge, crossing Town Lake.
The bridge was originally constructed in 1980, and utilized a new technique that left cracks and crevices that made a perfect roosting area for the bats.
Austin’s bats, Mexican Free Tailed Bats, show up in Austin around March and hang around until around November, according to Bat Conservation International.
Around 1.5 million bats migrate to and from Austin every year.

We arrived at the Austin American Statesman parking lot and set foot on the trail that borders Town Lake heading towards Congress Ave.
Enjoy these pictures from my bat seeing adventure:



Never handle a grounded bat.

This vendor is here every evening, selling drinks, snacks, souvenirs, and promoting keeping the park clean. It’s a great view he has.

The City of Austin dedicated the Congress Ave. Bridge to former Governor Ann Richards. In the back ground you see the beautiful Austin-American Statesman newspaper building. The newspaper created the park/observation area.

The view looking out over Town Lake was beautiful, with that blue sky, we watched the crane move a little, and I wondered how many people were watching, from the finished buildings, for the bats.

Looking up Congress Ave. toward the Texas State Capitol Building.

The sidewalk on the bridge began to fill up about 30 minutes before the bats took flight from the bridge.

The bats made their grand entrance around 7:30, and the show was on. So many creatures on the hunt for their dinner.






If you go to Austin, may I suggest a visit to Austin’s bat colony. They don’t come out at the same time every night, be prepared for a wait. There is a nice man who is deaf, he will keep you informed as to the time the bats are expected. I didn’t catch his name, but he was nice and is unmistakable. If you go, you will most assuredly meet him.

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