Hello all

Hello everyone. I have been meaning to sit down and write something for you all. It has been quite a while, since I have written anything of substance on here. It has been quite a busy/hectic/emotional few months.

I don’t quite remember if I had told you all that in December we went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to JamaicaGrand Cayman, and Cozumel. I had some kind of allergy/sinus/cold thing going on for the second half of the cruise, but had a good time either way. In Jamaica, we took a tour of the Good Hope House, which was pretty interesting. On Grand Cayman, while James and Jeremy went diving, I rode around the island with James’ mom and dad; it was neat getting to see the island like that. At Cozumel, James and I spent some together at Paradise Island we had fun in the water and laying on the beach…even though I think we got attacked by sand fleas (or lice, whatever they are called).

Of course in May, James and I got married. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon. Boy, was that a blast. James was stationed on Oahu when he was in the Navy, and he showed me around the island. We had a lot of fun and I have pictures to share in another post.

The first part of June I realized I was late….
I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive :). James was on his computer, and had asked him to turn what he was doing off. He said okay, and when he turned the program off, I held the test out in front of him.  He was surprised, needless to say. I was excited! The next week, Jeremy graduated, and we were getting ready for the Disney Cruise. A week after I found out that I was pregnant, I began bleeding, and cramping really bad. I called my dr. and they were trying figure out a time for me to come in. While I was waiting for them to call back, I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and had James take me to the Emergency Room. We didn’t wait long, though at the time, it felt like an eternity, as I was in more pain than I ever remember being in. They drew blood at the hospital, and did a sonogram. James was great at the hospital, I was scared and trying not to freak out, he held my hand and shared music from iTunes on his phone with me. The doctor came in and told me that I was having a miscarriage. I took in everything he said. It was very hard to hear, how can this be, I was 6 weeks pregnant, I had only known for a week. It just wasn’t fair. I went to the doctor the next day for a follow-up; they too did a sonogram and drew blood. My hormones had fallen by half of what they were the day before, it was confirmed, I had miscarried. That next day we set off on the Disney Cruise.

I was not myself for most of the cruise, trying to not be emotional and keep my stuff together was hard. I had an okay time; I didn’t get off the boat until we got to Disney‘s Castaway Cay (said Key). I had fun at Castaway Cay, I found a real live Sand Dollar. I have never found a dead one, but to find a live one was very neat. I also stepped on a sea urchin, of which its spines are still stuck in my foot…joy of joys. I have pictures to post from the Disney Cruise as well.

I am still fighting some emotions that I am not sure how to explain. It seems that my cycle is never going to start back up again which is throwing me so far off kilter…I can’t explain. James has to deal with a very emotional me right now, and I’m afraid it’s not fair. I can’t explain the feelings sadness that come across me without any real warning.

I go back to the doctor on Wednesday for a checkup, to make sure everything is alright. I guess after that, I just have to wait for Mother Nature for the others.

One thought on “Hello all

  1. one day, one emotion, one breakdown at a time is all you can do Sis…
    remember we love you, and are here whenever you need us….

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