The “renovation” begins!!!!

Who loves redoing a room?
Ok, so maybe not so much…
But, who loves making a room into a nursery??
How many hands just shot in the air?

We have been working on clearing out our middle bedroom, and getting it ready for baby furniture.

We have put paint on the walls, I still have some trim and the doors to paint, James painted and put the baseboards down. I will work on the trim and doors on Saturday or Sunday. I chose the colors, before we knew what we were having . . . for those inquiring minds, we are having a boy!!!! The colors I chose are all by Valspar; and they are Pink Chocolate, Wedding Bells, and Fresh Cotton. Pink Chocolate is on the accent wall and it is a beautiful shade of brown, it looks good with just about any color you could put with it. The room is looking so good, I couldn’t be happier with the way it is turning out.

The sonogram was on Tuesday, we bought the nursery furniture online Monday night. After the Dr.’s appointment Tuesday, we went to Sears and picked up the furniture. (Let me just say the in-vehicle pick up service that Sears offers is absolutely amazing! I recommend it any day).

Needless to say I am a very excited momma, there are so many decorating ideas going through my head right now, I come with a new idea or two almost every day. I don’t think I will stick with just one theme, I might combine one or two of the ideas I have, more on that later.

What do you think?

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