Over half way there

The past 22 weeks have flown by! That’s right we are just over halfway through the pregnancy. Things have moved by so quickly, it’s hard to believe sometimes, until I feel the little moving around…which no one really is able to prepare you for how it feels to have a life moving inside you. The other night as James and I were settling down for sleep, when I started giggling because it felt like the baby was drawing shapes inside my belly. It tickled so much, and was so very neat.
We found a couple of months ago that we are having a boy!

Since James flies and I love to go flying with him, and I love taking pictures of airplanes, I picked out some aviation themed bedding from Sweet JoJo Designs for the baby’s room.
We bought furniture a month or so ago.

A glider and ottoman.

A crib and a dresser.



And a changing table.

I couldn’t be happier with the way the baby’s room is coming together. I have bought wooden cut outs of the ABC’s and have covered them in scrap-book paper, to make an “alphabet wall” and have nearly finished a painting to either hang on a wall or on the door, the paintings home has yet to be determined. I’ll have blog posts before long with links to the tutorials I used and some tips on planning the projects.

With only 18 weeks to go, the reality that soon James and I will be taking care of a baby is getting more and more real. It’s exciting and I can’t wait. This little guy is going to have a lot of people loving on him when he makes his big appearance.

I never realized how hard it was to decide on a baby’s name until we started talking about what to name our little “Jelly Bean”. He has been known as Jelly Bean nearly the whole pregnancy, we do have some names picked out, but we can’t decide on a favorite. I guess we will know when we see him.

I had a 1 hour glucose test a couple of weeks ago. The results were abnormal, as the nurse told me, so I have a 3 hour glucose test on Monday, that means carb loading, or 150 grams of carbohydrates (in addition to what I normally eat) for the three days prior to Monday. I am prepared with movies on my iPad to watch while I wait in the doctor’s office.

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