A new post a day

In order to keep my blog going and add new posts I found Daily Posts 365 Writing Prompts. It’s almost 4 months into the year, but I will start with today, March 22nd and continue on to the end of the year. I hope some of you join me.

Today’s writing prompt is this:

Stranded. You are stranded in a foreign city with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

Wow, there are so many possibilities. Being stranded with no money in a foreign city would be hard to do. You need money for almost anything I could think of food, drink, museums etc. . .

I suppose I could go for a walk find a park. If I am on a trip I would have my camera, and I can get lost in my viewfinder investigating the buildings, people, and flora of the city I have been stranded in. I’m not a person who likes that being separated from the ones I love or being in a strange place with no “means” as it were.

I do like to explore, maybe the next day, my bank account would kick in and my friends would show up. I would be able to share a story about the previous days adventures…and my photos of the sites I was able to explore.


What do you think would happen if you were stranded?

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