Getting Close to baby time

Today I am 33 weeks along with the pregnancy. I have 6 weeks and 6 days left until my due date. The time has just flown by, I’m sure it will continue to go quickly. I really have’t had much to complain about

as far as the pregnancy goes. Gestational diabetes, and this weird leg pain/cramp thing that I get quite a bit, and a little bit of high blood pressure every now and then.

I am a member of a few mom groups on facebook, and there are much worse symptoms I could be having, or the ones I am having could be quite a bit worse that what they are. I really appreciate that my pregnancy has gone as smoothly as it has, it makes me even more ready for my baby boy to be here even more. He is already so loved by so many people, he is going to be spoiled (or should I say “well-loved”) by everyone. 🙂

Things have been so hectic, I feel like on my days off I am so tired, or am constantly going to this doctor or that doctor. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and the next 7 are going to be even busier. I am to the point were the OB wants to see me every 2 weeks, and it’s not long until he wants to see me once a week.

On Monday we had our 3d/4d sonogram. I was so very excited to have this done, but our little Jelly Bean was not ready for the camera apparently. He had his feet, hands, and the umbilical cord blocking his face for the entire hour. We did get a few photos and a DVD with the video footage, which I put on YouTube:

(Watch out, that’s almost an hour long video)

Here are a few stills that the ultrasound tech took:




You can see half of his face here 🙂 it’s the picture of the day… just wish I could tell you which one of us he looked like from this 🙂

In the video and the photos Jelly Bean (we still have not picked a name yet) is 32 weeks and 4 days along, we are just besides ourselves with excitement.

There is still some work to be done in the nursery, but we are almost done with that. There is one more baby shower, and just less that 2 months to go. I have my go bag almost packed, I have the baby’s going home outfit bought…it’s a cute little onesie. . . it is going to be summer in Texas after all . . . It’s probably going to be scorching hot at the end of July. It’s already almost 90 degrees at 12:30 in the afternoon.

I’m eternally a list maker…and my to do list just keeps growing as we get closer to time to “go”, the difference between now and the wedding planning is that I haven’t written this list down. I hope that’s not going to be my undoing.


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