A year’s time

It is truly amazing the difference a year can make. James and I have had one heck of a ride the past year. Today marks one year
since the miscarriage.
The amazing thing is that now, I am pregnant again, with only 6 weeks to go. This time last year, I was scared to death, I was told that miscarriages are normal that early (6 weeks). There is a large percentage of first pregnancies that end in such a way. Trust me, that knowledge does not make the emotional toll any easier to handle.
The past year has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, at the very least for me. I am extremely excited to be so close to meeting Jelly Bean, but am a little saddened at what happened a year ago today. It was scary, and sad, and just an absolute terrible experience.
If anyone out there is going through a miscarriage, let me tell you, it’s ok, you are not alone. There are several women who have gone through this same thing, and from what I have seen there are so many who are willing to offer advice and support. A quick Facebook search can land you on the doorstep of any number of support pages there to offer ears, and helping hands. I’m sure a Google search would yield similar results.
I cried for a long time over that little angel, lost so early. I’m not sure I can cry anymore, but I can remember my baby.
And I do, today.
Prayers to everyone going through their own things right now, you are not alone in your suffering, I hope you find the strength in your friends and family that you need to help you get through.

2 thoughts on “A year’s time

  1. We can have a service for the wee baby. Also, a counselor told me it is good to name the baby and remember by name. You will be reunited in heaven. Praying baby tests in peace and for your grief.

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