Sleepy Time

Yesterday’s Daily post asks about bedtime rituals:

More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?

Here lately I have not purposely procrastinated my sleep. Instead I lay in bed or spend my night in and out of bed, helplessly wondering to the restroom, for fear of waking my husband up especially on days he has to work. I am now in the last (I hope) 30 days of the pregnancy, and am battling insomnia, which seems to be a common symptom of the third trimester.

I asked my OB if I could take anything to help me sleep. He said Benadryl or Tylenol PM. I cannot find Tylenol PM anywhere, it seems there was a massive recall, and the company is have a hard time recovering. I found some off brand acetaminophen PM and tried it. It has yet to work. I took it the first night when I went to bed, I slept fine until midnight (I had gone to bed at 10pm) for a grand total of 2 hours. I had to take a warm bath to relax enough to get back to sleep that morning. The next night I waited to take it when I woke up, maybe it would help me go back to sleep. Oh, no such luck. I woke up midnight, took the meds and was up the rest of morning.

I tried a Breath Right strip when I went to sleep before work tonight. It seemed to help, however I will have to test it on a regular night-time sleep routine to double-check.

When I am procrastinating sleep, the ritual usually includes my iPad, laptop, watching television, my phone, I have even cleaned house or done laundry to put off bedtime for a little longer. Chores are not usually at the top of my list for staying awake, but they do work sometimes.

I wonder what your sleep procrastination practices are?

Have any insomnia cures?


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