What’s in a name?

It’s big news! We named our little guy, and just in time. He is due in just 30 DAYS!!! 

It’s not that we hadn’t been thinking of names, we just couldn’t come up with one that we really liked, or so I thought. One of the first names that was suggested to us was combining mine and James’ middle names. Which I liked, but James was still coming up with alternative names. Earlier last week, he told me he thought he had a name, but wouldn’t tell me what it was until Sunday. So Sunday morning when we woke up, I asked what name it was that he had in mind.

This is when he told me “Ronald Lee” While it’s a combination of our middle names, it is also my dad’s name; so I think it is very neat!

I just hope the little guy likes his name. It’s a transition going from calling him Jelly Bean, to Ron. We have only had the name picked out for a relatively short amount of time so maybe it’s just going to take some to time to get used to calling him by his name, rather than Jelly Bean. I think he’ll always be my Jelly Bean though.


The ultrasounds have been very fun lately. At last week’s OB appointment we received a good biophysical score! Got to see his lungs working, his heart rate was 161, saw his spine moving with his breathing, and we saw (and I felt) him kick the momma. He weighed in at 5 lbs and 2 oz. He is just getting bigger and bigger, I can’t wait to see my little man. We are down to an appointment every week rather than once a month or every 2-3 weeks, I have an appointment on Wednesday, and we will have another ultrasound to get some more measurements, I’ll post an update when I can. 


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