The Stork has Landed….

Baby Ronnie, finally entered the world on July 20th, weighing in at

6 pounds and measuring a whopping 19.5 inches long! I could not be happier to be able to type this to let you all know about what happened last weekend.
I was uncomfortable all afternoon on Friday and all Friday night into Saturday morning I was having contractions and feeling them in my back (back labor), I had finally decided that enough was enough and called my Dr., who told me to go on in to labor and delivery.
James and I got our stuff together and we were on our way to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning on July 19th.
I really don’t have a division of days between Saturday and Sunday. I know that over the course of those two days we found that my platelets were low and would not be able to receive an epidural. A pick line (central line) was put in so they could monitor my platelet levels (draw blood) and administer medicine without having to constantly stick me with needles. I don’t actually remember them putting the central line in, according to James I was contracting pretty good by then and they used a sonogram to be sure it went where they needed it to be. I progressed slowly as far as dilation goes, the Dr. broke my water and started me on pictocin and put in an internal monitor to more closely monitor the baby and his heart rate.. What ever pain meds they gave me didn’t seem to work very well, so they stopped giving me the medicine and let me try labor without pain medicine.
I do not recommend it, at all. I started pushing, to no avail. The baby was in the birth canal, and just wouldn’t come out. When Jelly Bean started showing signs of distress and his heart rate began to fall. The decision was made to have a c-section. Once that decision was made, everything went very quickly. I remember being prepped, and the nurses having James get dressed in scrubs. Now remember I was unable to have an epidural so I was going under general anesthesia. I know I was wheeled out of the labor and delivery room and taken down to the operating room that is housed in L & D at Methodist Richardson Medical Center. At 8:56 pm Ronald Lee was born not 10 minutes after they took me in to the operating room.

This is where I don’t know exactly what happened, I was not wanting to come out from under the anesthesia. They did not bring the baby out for James to see him because he was having a hard time breathing so he was being worked on, what ever was wrong with me I have since been told is not unheard of but is uncommon, it just so happened the the team that the doctor who was there for the baby recognized what has happening with me. I was taken to ICU to be observed until I woke up. James said when he found me (that’s right found me, noone told him where I was…he had to have a nurse take him to the room I was in) my blood pressure was through the roof, and I was convulsing a little. I had been on magnesium before to keep my blood pressure down and to keep me from having seizures. I was not hooked up to the ¬†magnesium and he was freaking out. A nurse told him that I was not having a seizure and that she thought I was supposed to be off the magnesium after I delivered the baby. The doctor wanted me on it for 24 hours after delivery, when the nurse found the order from the doctor they put me back on the magnesium.

I don’t know what time I woke up in ICU but my wonderful husband was by my side just like he was the entire time while I was in labor. I couldn’t talk when I woke because of the breathing tube, so I woke up doing sign language (I can spell things out, that’s about all I can remember from middle school) like crazy and poor James didn’t know I knew sign language and had a heck of a time understanding what I was saying. So I was teaching him and trying to ask “Where am I”, “What happened”,and those kinds of questions. In the process of answering those, he told me the baby was fine and healthy. They came and took the tube out and a little while later I was able to talk. James definitely had a time of it as well.

I was let back up to labor and delivery later on that Monday after about 14 hours or so in ICU. I was not released to the recovery rooms because I was needing some close monitoring and was still on magnesium for my blood pressure.

When I was put in a recovery room, the hospital ended up putting baby Ronnie in NICU because he was having problems with low blood sugars. He stayed in NICU until Saturday when they released him to go home with us. I was released to go home on Friday.

My best friend, Mary, flew down from Utah because she was worried about me. She kept us company and helped ease the time. I was very happy to see her come through the door Monday evening. My cousin and his wife brought a care basket, that really came in handy, I know James really appreciated the snacks.

I’m sure I left a big portion of what happened out, but I just can’t remember it all, and it really is a LOT to type.

I had 32 staples removed when it was time to have that done last week.
Just a week later, I’m still recovering and am trying to take things easy.

Those of you who prayed for me and the baby, I would like to thank you. You have no idea how much it means to James and me.

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