Reverse Shot

Today’s Daily Post asks us:

What is your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene from the other person’s perspective.

I’m not sure I can recreate my first memories with Mary, she moved to Whitesboro in the eighth grade, she just kind of appears in my memories. I remember that she had an iguana, and her telling me about some shots that he had to have. I remember being shocked that a lizard had to have shots…and thinking he was pretty cool. I don’t think I would hold him though, even today.

Mary and I have been friends for going on 18 years, it’s amazing how you can be friends through out high school, and then go your own ways at graduation, and then reconnect and basically pick up where you left off. Mary graduated a year early, I’m sure in an effort to get the heck out of “Dodge”, as it were… we lost touch for a few years after she graduated.

One day I received a message on Facebook from her: I don’t know if you remember me…we were friends in high school..and so on…
How could I not remember her?? I was so excited to hear from her..she was recently married and building her life. Mary came to spend the weekend with me and help me with a yard sale we were having. It rained all weekend, so we didn’t make any money, but we chatted and laughed, and had a wonderful time catching up.

We have been the best of friends since then. Thanks to the wonderful world of technology we don’t go very long without talking or communicating with each other. I was at the hospital when her oldest daughter was born, and I was there when she went in to labor with the second.

Those of you who follow my posts, know that I visit Mary in Utah…I think I have been there 3 times in the past 3 years or so. I was not a happy camper when they made the decision to move all the way to Utah, but it has been an excuse to travel.

Mary has been to Texas a few times since they made the move as well. Most recently she made the impromptu trip, when I was having problems delivering Ronnie. I was very happy to see her.

As I look forward to the future, I see a place for her and her family next to me and my family…no matter how far apart we are.

It’s amazing how close friends can stay when they are almost a thousand miles apart.

What do you think?

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