I have a problem . . .

I am a serial gym joiner. I join a gym, go for a while, and stop for one reason or another…and start the whole process over again .

I can admit it. . . I have a problem.

Today, my husband and I joined a gym together. I am hoping that this can be a chance for us to become healthy together, and set a good example for Ronnie. This gym, has a child center that we can take the baby to while we work out, this was a major contributor to the decision to join. As the baby grows, he will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will help him {hopefully} enjoy being active.

I got the Nexplanon birth control implant a couple of weeks ago, the nurse told me that it is known to make patients gain about 25 pounds. I’m already at my heaviest ever {except for when I was pregnant} I can’t afford 25 more pounds. I have got get some weight off and keep it off.

The struggle is real, Momma.


My little dude was worth every bit of weight gain during the pregnancy. However, he’s gonna run me ragged and I had rather be in shape and chasing after him than not. If you are on myfitnesspal, my username is boxerdogorama. I am slowly getting back into the swing of journaling my stuff there. We could all use some support.

If you need support with decisions you are making about how you are raising your child, or just support to get healthy I hope you find it…with your family, friends, or even right here. I know having the support network you need is the most important thing.

Good luck, Momma. Stay tuned for more on this new adventure…yet again!!

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