I Support You | Mama By The Bay

I don’t breastfeed, despite my efforts in the beginning. The baby and I had a rough start. I made the choice to formula feed early on, but I did try (off and on, but still) after that to breastfeed. I see all the posts about the hard time moms receive for breastfeeding in public, and it makes my heart break.

I also see in several of my mommy support groups on Facebook, breastfeeding moms bashing formula feeding moms and vice versa. That too makes my heart ache.

We all make choices, whether through  necessity or just to make life less stressful.

I found this blog through some random link clicking, I asked to share with you.

I ask, do you support your fellow moms in their choices? I know I do.

Life is hard as a mom, let’s not make it harder on each other.

Please take a minute to read: I Support You | Mama By The Bay.

What do you think?

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