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Hey guys! How are you doing? Life is going pretty well, the baby just turned 18 months! I don’t think I could be happier to have that little guy healthy and happy.

I am writing to tell you about a fantastic new hair care product that I found through a friend and have started to sell. It is called Monat. Monat is nature based hair care system that has shown me great results.

I became interested in Monat after a friend introduced me to it, and I did research and watched results come in from different people, I decided to give it a try.
I was experiencing some pretty bad thinning of my hair. I had gone to the doctor and they did blood tests and everything came back normal, he said it was just my normal seasonal shed. My normal seasonal shed does not come out and great big hand fulls in the shower. I was confused as to what was happening. Then I started thinking I was tired, working full time, taking care of a baby when I wasn’t working. I was over worked, underrested, stressed, I was TIRED.

As of Monday, the 25th, I have used Monat for 76 days! Check out these results! I use the Balance System, which is the Renew shampoo, restore conditioner, and the Replenish Masque.


The picture speaks for itself. I just can’t believe the difference, can you? Yes that is my hair, gray, roots and all! 🙂

I have some other before and after photos, check them out:

1933229_1707293709483239_6992538840101141436_o10412047_1537778186537392_5277944350106965164_n (1)11100347_1514196778895533_8281491275377389966_n12316278_1528524417465016_5170876467896615277_n
If you have any questions, contact me on Facebook or visit my website. Send an email to

I couldn’t be more excited about this product, they just released a new men’s line, Monat Black. I will post more later on Monat,  I just had to share with you the information.



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