Wow, it’s been a fast couple of weeks.

It would seem that I have abandoned my readers. 😦 I have slacked way off on writing. I have a recap of the wedding to write, but there is still lots of things to do before I can do that. I hope you all are doing well.

For those of you who actually read my stuff, I’ll leave you with the reason for my absence lately:
after the nuptuals

There are more photos to come.

Long time…no write….

It’s been a while readers. I have been busy wedding planning and training for work.
Now, for the important business…the wedding plans. 🙂
Maybe not so much planning, but the purchases, have been nearly dizzying.
Over the past month or so, we have bought: an aisle runner, dinner plates, desert plates, flatware wrapped in napkins (fork, spoon, and knife), plastic forks (for cake), garter, I Do sticker (for my shoes), a locket, memory candle, cocktail napkins (the neat ones everyone has at their weddings with your wedding date on them).
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The adventure continues

As the big day gets closer, it becomes evident that the next 90 days are going to fly by. It would seem that nothing is getting done. I have to assure my self sometimes that we are doing well on time. It’s my first wedding, first marriage. I want it all to go well, without any Bridezilla outbursts, family drama, and the like. I am not prone to being demanding, and I tend to let things bottle up. Continue reading

Your Wedding Color – Purple

I love purple!! In fact, lavender and yellow are my wedding colors. 🙂

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lavender candleAre you having a hard time deciding on your wedding color palette?

Are you looking for a wedding color that is rich, luscious and offers a lot of wow factor?

You may want to consider the color purple.

The purple palette covers a very wide spectrum of colors. They include soft lavender and violet as well as vibrant magenta, plum, deep burgundy and eggplant.

Purple can create many different effects and moods depending on how it is used. One way, of course, is to use one shade of purple or a mix of purples. But you can also create some great looks by mixing purple with one or more colors. In this post I’ll share photos of purple, not only by itself, but also paired with green, black, red, gold and more!

The Pantone colors below are just a very small sampling of the wide range of colors that are called “purple”.

Pantone Purples

The bouquets below…

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