25 things every woman needs to know.

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1) Life is a steep, uphill battle but it’s fierce & it’s beautiful & you’ll be sad to see it go if you live it right.

2) New people won’t stop coming into your life and opportunities won’t stop knocking on the door but you need to have the space for them. In all you currently have– be them relationships or obligations– step back and ask yourself “why.” If you can find the answer, hold tighter. If the answer escapes you, it’s time to let something go.

3) You should resolve to be awesome for the rest of your life. Right now. Do it.

4) Leggings, no matter how much we wish, will never one day magically transform into pants. Wearing them with tops that don’t cover your bum is not cute. Please, please, please stock up on pants.

5) Goals are not a January 1st kind of thing. Set…

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Can researching Cancer in Dogs Help People with Cancer?

This is something I am involved in and it makes a great response to today’s Daily Post. I own a boxer, he is a wonderful dog, and loyal just as the breed is known to be.

Boxers are also known as the number one cancer dog. Every time I take Chico to the vet for a lump or unusual growth, I am met by the words, he is a boxer, we have to take it off. Luckily, I have had the ability to do this. However, there could always be something going on inside that I can’t see. Continue reading

Self Help?

Three Feet from Gold

Three Feet from Gold (Photo credit: bjmccray)

Have you ever read a self-help book? Did you get anything out of it? Did any of the advise you read stick with you. There are three books currently on my reading list, that most definitely qualify as self-help books. Three Feet From Gold, The Mastery of Love (Toltec Wisdom), and Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps: How We’re Different and What to Do About It tackle business relationship and personal issues.

I am currently rereading Three Feet From Gold, I originally bought this particular book, because my Mary Kay unit was reading. I am reading it now to get a fresh perspective on it. The one thing said in this book is that you are the same now as you will be in five years. The only difference is the books you read, and the people you associate with.

The idea behind that is that you know the things you read, and the people you know, they have a great influence on you. They will have an influence on the decisions you make and your attitude.

Something else mentioned is a goal is not a goal until it is written down. Also, after a goal has been reached, it is a responsibility. Examples of this include: a new car, a promotion, a family, a marriage really anything after that goal is achieved you are responsible for maintenance, upkeep, health …whatever the case maybe. The work does not stop with the achievement of a goal, that is just the beginning.

There are several other nuggets of information, I highly recommend this book. The information passed on by the authors is definitely timeless.

Epic Literature in Modern Drama

I wrote this paper in 2008 for Dr. Sorenson’s World Literature Class at Grayson County College. I submit it to my followers, as I am thinking about a similar project, if I could just find something as gripping as The Odyssey and The Iliad to read. I love classic literature, and am really missing writing like this.

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