Photography By Me

2013 Plano Balloon Festival

On September 21, 2013, James and I went to the Plano Balloon Festival. I have been in the past, but have never stayed long enough to see the balloons. Needless to say, I was very excited. I don’t know how many of you know that I have a small photography business. I have posted some of the pictures that took on my photography website. You can see my favorite shots on my Plano Balloon Festival page.

From Above

From the myths and legends of the Pegasus, Icarus and Daedalus, and Alexander the Great to the earliest efforts of flight of Ancient Greek engineer Hero, Leonardo da Vinci’s Ornithopter in 1485, and the Wright Brother’s flight at Huffman Prairie on October 5, 1905, humans have always had their imagination in the clouds. I may not be big on the history, but I do love planes, and as it turns out flying is fun. Now, I don’t mean commercial flying.   No, []

2010 Denton Air Fair

The air show in Denton, Texas on Saturday, June 19, 2010 was a great show. The history you get to see is just amazing! One excellent piece of history was on static display, the DC-3, known as the Flagship Detroit

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

I don’t know how many people know that the City of Denton has a park where you can hike, fish, interact with nature, and explore. I had a chance to meet up with a group of fellow Denton Area Photographers at the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center.

2010 Butterfly Exhibit

I went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens last Friday to see the Butterfly Exhibit. I saw some very unique butterflies from all over the world. A friend went with me and we both took photos. Butterflies are amazing creatures, they are graceful in their movements