Work out

Work out1

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was wanting to start back to the gym and get a little healthier, no easy feat. I went to Planet Fitness today, armed with my iPhone/iPod, and tennis shoes. I do not have a work out plan right now. I am working on just getting back into some kind of routine. I spent thirty minutes on an elliptical machine. According to that machine, I “traveled” 2.02 miles. Not bad for 30 minutes, for the []

It’s Time to try again

It is time to start working out again, I think that instead of paying for a personal trainer, which always seems to discourage me, I will go back to sticking with what I know. That is the elliptical, which I love, and a few of the weight machines. I won’t bother telling you how much I weigh, but will go so far as to say, I have NEVER in my life weighed this much before. I joined a gym, online one night []

Paid Torture

HA! Maybe not! Today I go Diesel Fitness here in Denton to pay the final payment of my personal training, which is scheduled to start Monday morning. I say, “paid torture” because my last personal trainer told me she was going to kill my legs on the first work out…and well, she did. It took a day for the effect to set it, but I couldn’t walk nearly 24 hours later. I am hoping that this trainer doesn’t go to that extreme. []

How fast can you walk

I would venture that when walking for the purpose of exercising, that I can walk around 3 miles per hour. Mainly because my walks that I take (from where I live down the road to a local park and around the trail there and back to my house is just over 3.1 miles) normally take just over an hour. I really enjoy my walks. I haven’t been in walking in a while. When I get home in a few hours, I am going []