Work out1

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was wanting to start back to the gym and get a little healthier, no easy feat. I went to Planet Fitness today, armed with my iPhone/iPod, and tennis shoes.

I do not have a work out plan right now. I am working on just getting back into some kind of routine. I spent thirty minutes on an elliptical machine. According to that machine, I “traveled” 2.02 miles. Not bad for 30 minutes, for the first time to a gym in about a year; I guess.

I’ll be going again in the morning. I saw that they have a room for 30 minute circuits. I might just give that a try in the morning.


It’s Time to try again

It is time to start working out again, I think that instead of paying for a personal trainer, which always seems to discourage me, I will go back to sticking with what I know. That is the elliptical, which I love, and a few of the weight machines. I won’t bother telling you how much I weigh, but will go so far as to say, I have NEVER in my life weighed this much before.
I joined a gym, online one night in December. I haven’t gone yet. I will be going tomorrow though. It’s time to get healthy.
I plan on writing about my endeavors there as well, looking to hopefully encourage and have a little accountability as well.

As part of my get healthy plan, I am trying to stop drinking sodas. As a major Dr Pepper addict, I have only successfully given up Dr Pepper for 30 days last year. I was quite proud of myself, but the minute I had one drink the DP fast was over. I went all day yesterday with out a soda. I got one this morning, but that is all I am having today, it will be water for the rest of the day.

Have a great day, readers. I look forward to this journey. Who knows maybe the work outs will be a good stress reliever also!

Paid Torture

HA! Maybe not! Today I go Diesel Fitness here in Denton to pay the final payment of my personal training, which is scheduled to start Monday morning. I say, “paid torture” because my last personal trainer told me she was going to kill my legs on the first work out…and well, she did. It took a day for the effect to set it, but I couldn’t walk nearly 24 hours later.

I am hoping that this trainer doesn’t go to that extreme. I’m only paying for 12 sessions to start with. But we’ll see how it goes.

Starting Monday no more Dr Pepper. I’ll have to find a less sugar filled drink, more water, and healthier eating. I am game for any advice you can throw at me. Let me have it.


How fast can you walk

I would venture that when walking for the purpose of exercising, that I can walk around 3 miles per hour. Mainly because my walks that I take (from where I live down the road to a local park and around the trail there and back to my house is just over 3.1 miles) normally take just over an hour. I really enjoy my walks. I haven’t been in walking in a while. When I get home in a few hours, I am going to go for a walk, I have missed it. I have been thinking about starting to throw a little running in the mix. We will see though, I am not much of a runner.

I pose a question to you readers: have any of you ran or participated in a 5K run? I would like to participate in one, but am not sure about prepping for a run. Since I know I can walk that distance I figure with a little training (endurance please) I should be able to do it.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions . . . would be greatly appreciated.

I have a couple of apps, meant to help with training. I will turn to those for help for now.