The Show

What a better place for a bride who thinks she knows what she wants, to get a taste of all that is out there than a Bridal Show. This last Saturday, July 28th, I attended the Dallas Bridal Show with my mom, Aunt Kim, and family friend Dorothy.

What a day

Went to bed last night, at midnight, the alarm went off at 5, and I started my day. Got my stuff ready, and got chicos food and things ready for when mom came to get him. The adventure started when the Execucar showed up to take me to the airport. What a service. My driver was very nice, and indulged my asking him questions about his life, and how his business worked.

Things to be Happy About

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 icing a cake beach volleyball horoscopes portending good stars at night your 10 favorite everything Alpha-Bits the writer at work summer jobs riding horses small utility bills via Things to be Happy About. I stumbled on a book at Barnes and Noble, 1000 Things to be Happy About. I bought it for my Kindle. It lists the small things in life that you should or could be happy about. Often times it’s things taken for granted. Today’s list []

Monster Walker (For Dogs That Pull!) – YouTube

Monster Walker (For Dogs That Pull!) – YouTube. I just got an email on from Coupaw, on this product. I ordered one, because I know a dog who pulls. When Chico was a pup, we were using pinch collars. They were better than choke collars. We’ll see how it works. Does anyone else have any products for your pet products that you love?  

Counting Down

I don’t think I have been more excited for a trip in a very long time. In less than 45 hours, I will be boarding a plane at DFW airport, and will be headed to Salt Lake City, Utah. I haven’t been on an extended vacation in quite some time.

Hope the Dog

Stories like the one I found on the local CBS stations website, make me sick. Some sick person taped a dog’s mouth shut with her tongue hanging out. I’m sorry and let me post a small disclaimer, there is a picture in this post that you shouldn’t look at if you are squeamish. See the post here. The video of the story is here, CBS 11 has updated the story, saying that Hope is recovering and is receiving donations from overseas. I am []

A little about the planning

It’s been just over 1.5 weeks since the big question. We have decided on a place for the wedding and the reception. Not to mention the actual date. Colors have been actually picked. Lavender and yellow. I found two rolls of ribbon that match what I have pictured in my head.