fire safety

Hey guys, I live in Denton County in Texas. There was a massive fire here yesterday. Thanks to the brave fire men and women from the 16 fire departments who helped with the fire. You guys and gals are amazing. While I was way outside of danger on this one, I know people who live or work near where this took place. I found the data on the fire on the Texas Forest Service website. The page can be found here. It []

Working out

Weightlifting, body building, exercising, running the list goes on… What ever you call it does not sound like fun. What if there was something that made working out seem like a game? We all know that exercising can be as blah as the next thing, it can seem like more work than your job. I bought this little device called a Fitbit Ultra, it is a tech persons pedometer, it counts your steps through the day, estimates how far you have traveled []