Texas Health Daily Challenges

I just saw an advertisement on the television for a program that Texas Health Resources has started, a daily challenge, I guess the proposed purpose to help better your well-being. Out of curiosity, I have signed up. We will see how it goes. As for today’s Daily Challenge: Write down 5 activities that make you happy. The hardest thing is picking 5. I wrote down: Spending time with my fiance My Photography Music Books Sight-seeing The only hard thing about this list is []

Long time…no write….

It’s been a while readers. I have been busy wedding planning and training for work. Now, for the important business…the wedding plans. 🙂 Maybe not so much planning, but the purchases, have been nearly dizzying. Over the past month or so, we have bought: an aisle runner, dinner plates, desert plates, flatware wrapped in napkins (fork, spoon, and knife), plastic forks (for cake), garter, I Do sticker (for my shoes), a locket, memory candle, cocktail napkins (the neat ones everyone has at []

Work out1

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was wanting to start back to the gym and get a little healthier, no easy feat. I went to Planet Fitness today, armed with my iPhone/iPod, and tennis shoes. I do not have a work out plan right now. I am working on just getting back into some kind of routine. I spent thirty minutes on an elliptical machine. According to that machine, I “traveled” 2.02 miles. Not bad for 30 minutes, for the []

What’s in a room?

Have you ever thought about what kind of environment would help you to concentrate on your reading, write or work better? That is exactly what today’s Daily Post asks us: If a genie gave you your perfect writing/reading room, what is it like? Relaxing, calm cool colors. Maybe a desk for my desktop computer, and a place for all of my devices to charge, a place for all my books. A chair to work at the computer, and a comfy chair to []

Can researching Cancer in Dogs Help People with Cancer?

This is something I am involved in and it makes a great response to today’s Daily Post. I own a boxer, he is a wonderful dog, and loyal just as the breed is known to be. Boxers are also known as the number one cancer dog. Every time I take Chico to the vet for a lump or unusual growth, I am met by the words, he is a boxer, we have to take it off. Luckily, I have had the ability []

It’s Time to try again

It is time to start working out again, I think that instead of paying for a personal trainer, which always seems to discourage me, I will go back to sticking with what I know. That is the elliptical, which I love, and a few of the weight machines. I won’t bother telling you how much I weigh, but will go so far as to say, I have NEVER in my life weighed this much before. I joined a gym, online one night []

What should I have done?

Today’s Daily Post asks me what do I wish I could have taken yesterday. Let’s face it, there are a lot of things I did not grab in yesterday’s post. Jewelry box, clothes, photo albums, books, desktop computer, photo archive discs, dog blankets, work radio, clothes . . .