Greatest Fear_

Today’s Daily Post prompt asks if I was trapped in dark room, with my greatest fear, what would that fear be. Now, that is the trouble, what is that fear that immobilizes me, wouldn’t that be my greatest fear?

Teacher’s Pet–ME??

Today’s Daily Post  asks about a teacher who has impacted my life, whether it be for the better or worse, and how my life is different because of that teacher. It’s hard to pick one teacher, my mom has sung the praises of my seventh grade math teacher since I was in the seventh grade. That is because seemingly until that year, I had the hardest time with math. I can’t even begin to tell you what my problem with math was. Something []


Today’s Daily Post asks about when I have felt helpless and what I did about it. This one is going to be rough, and I will apologize now. My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer quite some time ago.

My Favorite

Today’s Daily Post asks what’s the longest amount of time I have spent from my favorite person. Now, I have a few favorite people. There is my fiance, which I think the longest I have been from him is the time he went on a canoe trip to Canada, and I went to Utah both of us gone for a week, I think the total amount of time apart was about a week and a half, give or take a few days. Another favorite []

Les Cockrell: KRLD Christmas Is For Caring campaign begins | Denton Local News – News for Denton, Texas – The Denton Record-Chronicle – Denton Record-Chronicle

Les Cockrell: KRLD Christmas Is For Caring campaign begins | Denton Local News – News for Denton, Texas – The Denton Record-Chronicle – Denton Record-Chronicle. The 34th annual KRLD Christmas Is for Caring campaign, to bring holiday cheer to residents of the Denton State Supported Living Center, will be on the air today through Friday.

Snow in N. Texas

“Polar Express” storm could bring snow to North Texas | Dallas – Fort Worth. Snow in Texas! I actually don’t like driving in the stuff, I mean I don’t get much practice. Seeing as the ground is still pretty warm though, it wasn’t so bad. The worst part was the wind blowing me and my car around a bit. The first snow of the season used to be exciting, watching the news to see if school was going to be cancelled []

Christmas is in the Air!

Oh, how I just love Christmas songs! I have had my radio on the Sirius Holiday channel since just after Thanksgiving. I just love Christmas songs, it’s funny to me, how some people can’t stand them; and then there are those who would love it if they were played year round. I fall somewhere in between.

From Above

From the myths and legends of the Pegasus, Icarus and Daedalus, and Alexander the Great to the earliest efforts of flight of Ancient Greek engineer Hero, Leonardo da Vinci’s Ornithopter in 1485, and the Wright Brother’s flight at Huffman Prairie on October 5, 1905, humans have always had their imagination in the clouds. I may not be big on the history, but I do love planes, and as it turns out flying is fun. Now, I don’t mean commercial flying.   No, []