Ginger Orange Pork Chops

I found this recipe in a Taste of Home Cooking for Two magazine quite some time ago. I made them something like 6 years ago, they were so tasty…I wanted to make them again. How could I forget how much I love the smell of ginger?!

Cheesy Chicken Avo Enchiladas

I am finding myself wanting to cook again. I have found a fun app for my iPad called RecipeBook, this app has too many awesome features. You can import recipes from your favorite recipe site, such as, or you can manually add your favorite family recipes.

Timelines and lists-

I know there are several “Brides to be” out there. I was one of hundreds at the Dallas Bridal Show. Have you been to all the planning sites, and seen the various documents and information offered up to us?

Your Wedding Color – Purple

Originally posted on Exclusively Weddings Blog | Wedding Ideas and More:
Are you having a hard time deciding on your wedding color palette? Are you looking for a wedding color that is rich, luscious and offers a lot of wow factor? You may want to consider the color purple. The purple palette covers a very wide spectrum of colors. They include soft lavender and violet as well as vibrant magenta, plum, deep burgundy and eggplant. Purple can create many different effects and moods depending on how it is…

What do I want????

There are so many decisions to be made… I want a cake similar to this. I don’t know what kind of icing it is, but I don’t like fondant, so I want butter-cream icing 🙂

Progress? I think so!!!

In terms of wedding planning, I consider everything that is bought or booked as great progress. I believe that we have just less that 8 months before the big day.